Mission Statement

To honor God in all our business practices.
To provide quality services to our customers.
To treat our customers and our employees with dignity and respect.
To provide our employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to work their best.
To be a positive influence in our community.

We Proudly Accept:

Blind Cleaning

Pick Up and Delivery

A convenient way to service clients is through a same day pick-up and delivery service. The normal procedure for this service is to pick-up a customer's blinds in the morning, take the blinds back to a facility where they will be cleaned, and return them in the afternoon or early evening. This way you as a customer are not without your blinds overnight. Most customers will have their blinds picked up early in the morning before they go to work and have them delivered at a convenient time when they return home.

Drop Off

If you're in a real hurry to have your blinds cleaned, you can drop off your blinds at a location nearest you. In most cases if your blinds are dropped off before the hour of 11 a.m., they will be ready at the end of the business day. Customers find this service to be a very convenient one due to unexpected events such as last minute parties or accidental spills or stains on their blinds, which requires them to have immediate attention. Not to mention customers like the idea of being able to drop-off their blinds on their way into work and pick them up on their way home.

We Repair Your Blinds!

We repair all major manufactured blinds. Services include:

  • Restringing
  • Replacing Cord Locks
  • Wand Replacements
  • Reladdering
  • Replacing Tilt Controls
  • Cut-downs (Width & Height)

How Does Ultrasonic Technology Clean?

Cavitation bubbles are vacuum cavities as tiny as red blood cells, or about 8 thousandths of a millimeter across. They are so small that it would take 1,250 of them lined up in a row to reach 1 cm long.

Under pressure of continuous vibration, these bubbles stretch and compress at a fast rate. Once they reach a certain size, as determined by the frequency and strength of the sound waves produced, the bubbles lose structural integrity and collapse violently. When these implosions happen near a surface, the bubbles emit high-powered streams of plasma that travel at more than 500 miles per hour and collide with, agitate and remove even very tiny particles and substances from that surface.

In an ultrasonic cleaning machine, this happens millions of times per second, but because cavitation bubbles are so small the process is both highly effective and very gentle. Ultrasonic technology can be used to clean metals, plastics, glass, rubber and ceramics. It effectively removes a wide variety of contaminants, even if present only in trace amounts, including dust, dirt, rust, oil, grease, soot, mold, carbon deposits, polishing compounds, wax, pigments, lime scale, bacteria, algae, fungus, fingerprints and biological soil.

These contaminants typically are removed even if they are tightly adhered to or embedded onto solid surfaces, or if they are in remote cracks or tiny crevices of an object. For this reason, items usually do not need to be disassembled before being put safely in an ultrasonic cleaning unit.

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