Mission Statement

To honor God in all our business practices.
To provide quality services to our customers.
To treat our customers and our employees with dignity and respect.
To provide our employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to work their best.
To be a positive influence in our community.

We Proudly Accept:


Extremely Satisfied Customer

For the past seven years I have been extremely staisfied with the service A & R Carpet Care give. Russ
and his staff are always so very efficient, professional and friendly. I always recommend A & R to all my friends
and family as they do such a good job and at a reasonable price. Thank you , Janet (3/17/2009)

Great Job!

The crew was early and they were very pleasant and efficient. A & R Carpet Care had the best price in town and
they did an amazing job!!! Jennifer (2/2/2009)


I've been using Russ and the rest of the guys for about 5 years now. Funny story on how we met, we were having our kitchen remodeled and the last thing I was expecting was to have one of the construction guys track TAR from the attic on to my somewhat new sage green carpeting! Just about every stair had a trace of TAR on it. Thank goodness he had the sense to call Russ, he showed up that day, cleaned the stairs nicer than any other carpet cleaner I had used and it was done like it never was there! I was gone when it happened and they called Russ without talking to me about it but it was one of those meetings that you felt like you knew the person for a long time. We got off talking about the carpet cleaning business since my dad and I owned until he retired, so we had a lot to talk about. And when I say that I had other carpet cleaners in my home, I did, I have my things done on regular basis and I KNOW A GOOD JOB WHEN I SEE IT. Russ uses top notch equipment and solutions, this all matters. It's all fine and dandy when you can save a couple of bucks but what about your expensive carpets and upholstery. It's just like buying a get outfit and washing it even if the label says "dry cleaning only", it just doesn't make sense.. anyway I love the fact I will see the same crew or Russ when I schedule with them, the will be on time, the truck and equipment that they bring into my home are always clean. Who needs a carpet cleaner that doesn't keep his own stuff up. Believe me I know what to look for and I'm not shopping anymore. Kathy Gottberg Moorpark (10/31/2008)

Air Ducts

We just had A&R Carpet come out and clean our airducts. What a difference! I wish we had done it sooner.
Also, we have several pets and I could only imagine how much hair and dust was collecting in the vents. The guys were very professional. They covered all the furniture before removing the vents (the back of the vents were filthy....but they throughly cleaned them.) There is a video camera attached to the cleaning tools....so you can see what is being claened. The guys were careful not to hit anything wih their equpment and they vacumed all around the cleaning areas when they were done. At the end they sprayed the inside of the vents with an antimicrobial-disinfectant. I was impressed that the technician took the time to explain to me what they were doing and that it was safe for the animals as well as the people in the house. Thanks A&R. We are very happy with your service. Seastar (10/6/2008)

Greatful Customers

Always cheerful and pleasant. Exceptional work ethic. We love the fact that they wear "booties" while inside. When the work is done you would never know that anyone had been there except you have a wonderfully clean home.
We can't say enough about how happy we are to have A&R Carpet Care & Professional Cleaning Services for all of our needs. Rick (7/8/2008)

Highly Professional

Dear A & R We want to thank you for your continually fine performance. We have been using your window cleaning service for three years, and our satisfaction is always nothing less than complete. What a pleasure to again
see the sky through our skylights. Our windows now sparkle. You are always highly professional, maticulous, reliable, very competitively priced and as a bonus extremley nice. So much so that we'd consider having you back even when our windows aren't dirty. Very sincerely, Carol and Howard (4/16/2008)


I've used A&R Carpet Care for several years now and I recommend them to all of my friends and family. They are very professional, prompt, thorough, and reasonable prices too! I have a very light carpet and they always seem to get the spots out and make it look new again! Happy60 (3/13/2008)


I have used this company several times to clean my carpets (I have 3 small kids and 3 dogs) and they have
always been so professional! Prices are the best around and they are fast - in and out. My carpets look great and they go out of their way to make sure I am happy before they leave. I recommend A & R Carpet to everyone
I know and anyone who asks! Coleen Hester (3/11/2008)

Best Service Ever

A&R Carpet Care provided more than expected service for the most reasonable price. Very professional, on time,
and service quality was awsome. Highly recommended. concepcp2008 (3/7/2008)

All I can say is WOW!

Russ and his helper George were phenomenal! They not only said...and DID but did so with utmost competence
and care, even being friendly conversationalists to boot! I feel like I've received a bit of an education in air duct cleaning as well and will heartily recommend them to all in my sphere of influence. Thanks for the stellar service, Russ and George; may Jesus richly Bless you both! Keep on cleanin' and pannin', guys! rateruss (3/3/2008)

Thank You A&R Carpet Care!

Outstanding service! Not only were the technicians very helpful and courteous, but they also completed the job
in a timely manner. d2Hill (2/27/2008)

Customer for 20+ years!

I have been using A&R since Russ started the business over 20 years ago. Why? Because he is great. I get
prompt courteous service that's very professional.Something that's difficult to find.I recommend you give him
a call. Carol (2/15/2008)

Carpet cleaning

A & R Carpet Care has been taking care of my carpets at my home since 1987. Just when we think we need to replace them they come out ,on time, in uniforms and make them look like new again. I love this company and it helpful staff. Thanks again, Cathie (1/7/2008)